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This is Molo!

Be transported to the sea side with flavours of the ocean!

This is Molo has a philosophy: “There is no limit in combining and there is no limit to creating.”

They are reinventing fine-dining standards by blending different flavours and cooking techniques all together in the most direct and accessible way possible with their approach to ocean cuisine. The street food.

Sustainable and exotic ingredients, provided by top notch UK retailers, are assembled in unique ways to reintroduce sea food to foodies in a way that means you can enjoy an oyster with a nice wine that doesn't break the bank whether as a lunch time treat or an indulgent date night.

Everyone is entitled to enjoy every possible food without having to worry about pretentiousness.

MOLO brings to the table an unprecedented food fusion experience. The output consists in proper and unique seafood buns, created with seasonal ingredients that are thoughtfully selected by their chef. Molo brings you flavoursome seafood that is accessible and exciting in a street food setting

Their signature dish the lobster poached in garlic butter, their own secret recipe mayonnaise which a sprinkle of something extra on top. Er YUM!

Especially for us East Londoners, they're adding the traditional traditional fish 'n' chips to their menu 'cause what would life be without a battered bit of cod and double (yes that means twice) fried chips!

However, what we're most excited about is the fried calamari! Having done our research, we know this is one of the most favourited dishes with Waltham Forest residents and we just can't wait to tuck in!

We hope you're just as excited as we are for This is Milo to join the CRATE Walthamstow family and we'd highly recommend you start queuing soon!

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