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Nanny Bill's!

It's the one all the carnivores have been waiting for!

Nanny Bill's is a family run street eats vendor that has taken the London street food scene by storm since opening way back in 2015 to pay homage to their 'nan' and the family cafe she ran back in the 70s and 80s (we're not crying, you are! 🥺)

Since then they have opened up numerous brick and mortars across the capital, becoming THE destination point for their famous gravy dipped burgers (the secret gravy recipe has been passed down from Nanny Bill herself) 🤤 and hand-rolled croquettes which you can grab stuffed with either mac 'n' cheese, parmesan and hot sauce OR slow cooked beef brisket and horseradish. OMG!

So what is it that makes their burgers so special?


The butcher for Nanny Bill's is an award winning family butchery who has also developed his own secret blend sourced from free-range, grass fed beef which has been aged for a minimum of 35 days using Himalayan Salt drying fridges - you can't get a more guilt-free beef burger than that!

Not wanting to exclude the non-meat eaters from experiencing their epic burger creations, Nanny Bill's will also have a Chicken Caesar burger with bacon bits, parmesan and mayo for those staying away from red meat AND for the plant-based connoisseurs we can assure you that "The Chick Queen" topped with smoked cheese is 100% vegan - DELISH 😋

This family run businesses has hit the ground running and there's still no stopping them in 2023, not only are they joining us at CRATE Walthamstow but they have a sparkling new food truck that they're taking on the road to some of the UK's biggest festivals!

Catch them at Glasto if you're going!

We don't know what more we can possibly say about Nanny Bill's except we are so excited and honoured to have them joining the CRATE Walthamstow family - not only is their food out of this world 🌍 but they pride themselves on being a family run business, which we love and we know all you Waltham Forest residents will recognise and support this too!

See you soon, burger in hand this Summer!

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